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Last-modified: June 18, 2019


>Welcome to EmoMadrid (available in the Internet since November 6, 2012), an affective pictures database for scientific purposes. It consists of more than 800 images with different affective content. All of them are 1024 x 768 pixels size. You will find two sections in this web (along with the present one): Index (which contains thumbnails of all images and information on their affective valence, arousal, spatial frequency, luminosity and physical complexity) and Images themselves. Please carefully read the header information within each section.

>Both sections require you to obtain a permission (username and password) to access after a written agreement on EmoMadrid terms and conditions. How to obtain the permission/password.

>Before designing your experiment using EmoMadrid pictures, please consider our Recommendations.

>Your contribution to EmoMadrid providing your sample's assessments, which will increase the age and cultural context ranges of ratings, will be acknowledged and explicitly recognized. Please visit our Contribute With Data section to send us your assessments.

>For any question or suggestion on EmoMadrid, please contact us at lab8CEACO(a)gmail.com.

>How to cite this database: Carretié, L., Tapia, M., López-Martín, S., & Albert, J. (2019). EmoMadrid: An emotional pictures database for affect research. Motivation and Emotion, 43, 929-939.


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