David M. Jacobs
    Ramón y Cajal Researcher at the UAM.

My main fields of interest are perception, visually-guided action, and learning. In my research I combine the ecological approach (the Gibsonian one; Gibson, 1966, 1979) with the approach called coordination dynamics (the application of the theory of nonlinear dynamical systems to the study of perception and action). My work includes theoretical, experimental, modelling, and applied efforts.

Together with my PhD supervisor Claire F. Michaels I have been working on an ecological/dynamical approach to learning that we refer to as direct learning (Jacobs & Michaels, 2007). We now further develop the approach, test it, contrast it with other approaches, and aim to apply it. Applied fields in which I am currently working include aviation research, sensory substitution, and sports.

Academical background:

    M. A. ("Doctoraal") in Experimental Psychology (1997) by the University of Leiden.
    Ph. D. in Human Movement Science (2002) by the Free University, Amsterdam:
On perceiving, acting and learning: Toward an ecological approach anchored in convergence
    M. Sc. ("Licenciatura") in Mathematics (2005) by the University of Granada.

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