David Travieso García
    Associate Professor at the UAM.

My main areas of interest are dynamic touch and haptic space, classic topics in the gibsonian tradition, together with the perception in the blind.

I am also interested in the theoretical field that discusses the plausibility of cognitive architectures.

Currently, I am working on the developement of sensory substitution devices and the analysis of fine-grained movements in sport.

I also carrying out a project on Human Factors in Air Traffic Control

Academical background:

    Bacherlor in Psychology (1994) by the Autonomous University of Madrid.
    Ph. D. in Psychology (2000) by the Autonomous University of Madrid: Functional disturbances of touch in the conjuction of Blindness and Diabetes Mellitus


Youtube shortcut: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qGo9Z-TKTY

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